Our Software

We have invested in our own purpose built application, vetting, and human resource management software. Using custom built software enables us to customise each stage of the recruitment and vetting process for individual clients.

Online Application

Staff are required to fill out a comprehensive application form, providing all the necessary information to gain employment, including:

  • SIA License Details (Where applicable)
  • 5-year employment or education history
  • 2 References
  • Criminal Records (Where applicable)

Vetting Process

Each application is then vetted to British Standard (BS7858) which allows us to build an impressive database of staff that are ready for deployment at any time.

Human Resources

Having a large pool of staff available allows us to carefully select staff members that are best suited to the roles you need. We can assign pre-experienced and vetted staff to jobs without having to start a new recruitment process. This comes in handy when cover staff are required or if a full-time position becomes available.

Our database also allows us to contact staff members and send them a ‘work offer’. This procedure is essential if additional cover is required or if a replacement is needed at short notice.

Timesheet management

We have also created an easy to use application for clocking in & out which can be used by all employees. This app can be placed on any device, laptop, computer, smartphone and tablet. When staff clock in and out the following information is recorded:

  • Staff ID
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Photo
  • Overtime