Public Sector Security

Public sector organisations are challenged now in a way that they have never been before. In addition to dealing with government administration and the obligations that entail, there are now serious security concerns that have to be addressed. There is a major need to identify and deal with threats of many kinds efficiently and effectively.

Trust & Confidentiality

Local government security is absolutely vital, not only for the smooth running of business but to guarantee the welfare of staff and clients. Confidentiality is also a top priority and one that we take very seriously. When you hire security for local government, you should expect only the highest level of care and defence.

We understand that you must be able to place your trust in public sector security services that can provide you with protection and support for:

  • Healthcare
  • Offices & Building
  • Education Centres
  • Public Spaces
  • Public Events
  • High Streets
  • Car Parks

By reviewing your requirements regularly, we ensure that you are always working within regulations, whilst guaranteeing that the security service meets your exact requirements dependent on the location, type and size of your needs and the public service being carried out.