Retail Security

Stambridge Security Services Ltd provides the best and latest security arrangements to cover other threats including loss or damage to property, anti-social behaviour and organised crime.

Furthermore, we understand the many challenges retailers face outside the ‘crime’ bracket, such as waste management, an issue we can help you combat via our profit improvement and loss prevention services.

Dynamic Solutions

Retail crime comes in many different shapes and sizes, therefore, you should not on one solution to many ways of loss through crime. We supply static and mobile guards, discreet store detectives, theft deterrence, CCTV surveillance, handling of suspicious individuals as well as key holding and alarm response services.

We will meet your problems with tried and tested solutions that will keep you in control of your retail space. Managing retail shrinkage, reducing vandalism and addressing all your areas of vulnerability, our retail services will add a much-needed layer of protection to your business.

Long & Short Term Strategies

It is essential to cover both short term and long term solutions to preserve maximum profitability. Our experienced team currently work alongside the UK’s biggest names in retail delivering loss prevention strategies, advice on internal processes and much more.

Our loss prevention officers will work alongside your store personnel to implement long-term beneficial behaviours, such as establishing policies, procedures and setting the standard for an everyday business practice code that employees will follow in order to prevent the loss of stock or money.